Finally KATZCom developed customer centric enterprise also that ensures us to meet the call center services levels and to outperform our client’s best operations due to, giving high level of performance.

Even more KATZ Communications has pioneered a number of quality, employee and customer related initiatives. But our dedication and focus on the satisfaction of your customers have been endorsed through a number of certifications, awards and citations.

KATZ Communications

KATZCom work to strive towards leadership, trust and customer loyalty for the reason that our core values are intrinsic to the way. KATZ services provide BPO services and call center services in Lahore.

As a result – people working at KATZ Communications ranked at the top in the industry. But your callers/customers will hear the difference! Our clear, crisp enunciation gives us the edge in meeting your needs more professionally.


KATZ Communications

While process-ownership, quality, innovation, and the way we do business, drive customer and employee loyalty. So, we empower our employees to be process owners and take the right decisions in line with the organizational objectives and goals.

  • KATZCom call center services in complying with local, regional and national government requirements in terms of taxation, financial, legal and employment requirements.
  • First of all KATZ are an equal opportunity employer and do not believe in any kind of discrimination based on seems like gender, color, caste or creed in contrast any of our interactions.

Focus on Results

K.A.T.Z. Communications

Finally value out performance and a persistent pursuit of excellence. So, KATZ Communications offering multiple BPO services and call center services in Lahore focusing the quality and level of services required by the international market. So, we designed models for every service that is 100% aligned with the best international standards and can be taken as standard by the companies wish to be successful as we are. But, our continued growth shows the marketplace wants a high level of quality. So can we put our supreme services with high quality to work for you?

COPC, A US based international standard implementation team ensures KATZ Communications to be a leading BPO Company by proving our potential businesses. So, we comprehend the essential and distinguished work factors or the reason that deliver success, hence which we incorporate in our work fashion to serve as an extended enterprise for global clients. But quality is headed by the Quality Manager and assisted by Auditors and Quality Champions. Therefore our key elements of Quality encompasses constant endeavor to exceed customer expectations., as an employee so we incorporate fair and impartial performance appraisal system, as an Investor complete transparency in almost operations.



As a result in collaboration and teamwork with all the stakeholders of KATZ Customer – employees, customers and investors. So in complete transparency in all our interactions and transactions and conduct all business activities in a manner that is lawful and fair, because with the highest level of integrity, to our people, our clients, other stakeholders and our communities.

First of all a snapshot of the KATZ Communications Customer call center information.

Latest technologies,

  • World-class Information Technology management and control processes.
  • Office in US and Pakistan
  • Proven integrated voice coding and compression technology (fiber optic)
  • Comprehensive physical security and data security to ensure that all customer processes, data and services are secure therefore the protected at all times.
  • Comprehensive business continuity measures so that cover prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.
  • The Business Continuity and Disaster recovery plan covers people, IT, physical site, data recovery and back up, and also risk management.
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What they said?

Katz Communications have been great at keeping me in work, they always line something else up.
KATZ Communications
Jane Carter
CEO of Company
Nothing comes from nothing. You must continuously feed the inner beast that sparks and inspires.
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Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret . . . to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink
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John Carter

Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.